Book a ViggoHourly
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With ViggoHourly, you can book a car for a fixed period of time at a fixed hourly price - so you can get around as it suits you.

You can use it, for example, if you:

  • Going sightseeing in Copenhagen

  • Will be picked up from the wedding and drive around with the photographer

  • Have several meetings within a short period of time


The price is DKK 550/hour for 1-4 people and DKK 650/hour for 5-8 people.


There must be as mine. ordered 2 hours.

You can drive a maximum of 20 km per hour.

How to order a ViggoHourly

  1. Open the chat in the lower right corner

  2. Select Book a ViggoHourly

  3. Follow the steps by entering all the relevant information

  4. You can now see your booking under the tab Bookings

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