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How do I book a Viggo?
How do I book a Viggo?
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You book a Viggo through our app. Here you will also see the price before you confirm your booking.

Here is a guide how to:

Please open the app if you have not done that already.

  1. Enter the destination address in the “Where to” field at the bottom.

  2. Tap on “Continue” at the bottom.

  3. Enter the pickup address below “Confirm pickup address”.

  4. Tap on “Continue” at the bottom.

  5. Scroll down to look at all the available options. The one you need might now be shown on the screen (e. g. ViggoPet)

  6. Tap on the desired car and it will be highlighted.

  7. If you change your mind you can tap on any of the other available options.

  8. Finally tap on “Request Viggo”.

  9. N. B. If you want to book a ride in advance tap on "Now" and then choose the date and the desired hour and minutes.

  10. Then tap on “Confirm”.

We look forward to riding with you 🚙🔌🍀

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