Viggo Hourly

Pay for a Viggo by the hour

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With ViggoHourly, you can book an electric car for a fixed period of time at a fixed hourly rate.

You can use ViggoHourly for:

  • Going sightseeing in Copenhagen

  • If you're organizing a wedding and you'd like to drive around with your photographer to different locations

  • Getting around to several meetings in a short period of time


The price for ViggoHourly is DKK 550/hour for 1-4 people and for 5-8 people it is DKK 650/hour.

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The minimum you can book in weekdays is one hour - during the evening and on weekends, however, you must book at least two hours.


You can drive a maximum of 20 km per hour.

How to order

Open the app and click "contact" - then write us a message including the following information:

  • Date and time you will need your ViggoHourly

  • What you need your ViggoHourly for

  • Whether you have any specific requirements in relation to for instance extra luggage, a child seat or requests for a specific type of car.

Tolls and bridge fees

  • Øresund bridge: 400 DKK

  • Storebælt bridge: 450 DKK

Tolls and bridge fees are not included in the calculated fare, instead they have to be paid directly to the driver.

We look forward to riding with you! 😊

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