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Take a Viggo to Funen and Malmö
Take a Viggo to Funen and Malmö
Updated over a week ago

You can easily take a Viggo to Malmö, Funen or Jutland. Just be aware that when you order through the app, the bridge fee is not included in the price. Our systems are currently unable to accommodate the additional cost., but we are working on a solution.

This is the current prices for bridge tolls:

Øresund: 400 kroner

Storebælt: 450 kroner

OBS: If you are wondering why the prices are doubled compared to the one-way price, it is simply because the Driver needs to go back the same way he/she came.

Since the bridge fee is not added to the fixed price that you see in the app, it must be paid in one of the following ways:

  • Credit card payment - The driver takes the lane 'Credit card, after which you pay with your card.

  • Mobilepay - If you choose this solution, the payment must be made directly to the driver. You should be aware that a receipt for the bridge toll cannot be issued should you choose this option.

  • Tip - The bridge fee is added as a tip after the end of the trip.

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