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Is a Viggo more expensive than a regular taxi?
Is a Viggo more expensive than a regular taxi?

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Wondering if choosing Viggo over a traditional taxi comes with a higher price tag?

Viggo's Pricing Policy:

  • During Peak Times: Viggo’s rates align with those of traditional taxis, ensuring that opting for an eco-friendly ride doesn't mean paying extra.

  • Outside Peak Hours: Viggo shines as a cost-effective alternative to conventional options. This price advantage positions Viggo as an appealing choice for cost-conscious consumers who are also environmentally aware.

Why choose Viggo:

  • A Greener Option: Opt for Viggo and contribute to cleaner city air and a reduced carbon footprint with every journey.

  • Fixed Price Upfront: Say goodbye to surprises. With the Viggo app, the price is known before the ride begins, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

  • Luxurious Travel: Dominated by Teslas and Mercedes, Viggo’s fleet promises an extraordinary experience - stylish and comfortable alike.

Depending on the time and day, Viggo can be a budget-friendly alternative to traditional taxis, without compromising on quality or environmental responsibility. Viggo emerges as the preferred choice for the contemporary consumer who values environment, cost, and quality. Choose Viggo for your next city transport need and become part of the future of mobility solutions.
If you want to know more about our prices, you can find them HERE.

Alternatively, you can download our Viggo App and see our fixed, transparent pricing.

Step into a greener future with Viggo and experience the difference firsthand!

You can find our app here:

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